Powerful new research for advisers on intergenerational planning as Prudential unveils “Family Wealth Unlocked” study results

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New research from Prudential drives practical support for advisers to have more informed intergenerational planning conversations with clients

Using powerful new research, Prudential’s Intergenerational Planning “Family Wealth Unlocked” report launches today.

The report uncovers multigenerational family views on financial planning and how advisers can best respond to this challenge, to help future proof their business.​

The time is now

According to research from Kings Court Trust, assets to the value of £5.5trn are expected to be passed to the next generation in the UK between the years 2020-2047*. This includes much of your clients’ wealth.

Taking action now will mean that the more your clients’ offspring are engaged in the planning process, the more likely it is that your business will retain the account for the longer term.

But where do you start?  What are the issues and barriers involved? How can you overcome them?

Evidence-based solutions to the planning dilemma

Prudential have undertaken this detailed study of the UK market amidst the volatility and insecurity brought about by the Covid pandemic.

Access Prudential’s “Family Wealth Unlocked” report here

Not only does this study shed light on the problems involved but it also offers clear thinking and angles you can consider using to overcome some of the hurdles involved in effective intergenerational planning.

Starting now and for the next few months, IFA Magazine will be bringing you tips and tools which are based around Prudential’s excellent research. You can use these to help shape your thinking and provide effective intergenerational planning solutions which work for your clients – as well as ensuring that your business has the best possible chance of future success too.

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