PT Vasil Demirov highlights the most important factors for financial professionals to consider when choosing a gym membership

by | Jul 27, 2022

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In theory, improving your physical and mental health through exercise seems a straightforward task, especially for people that work in such a complex and challenging industry.

However, for many people it may be a step outside their comfort zone, meaning even small decisions become more complicated than they may seem. 

Like any journey, the first step is always the hardest, and knowing what gym to join and understanding the benefits each one can give can be a daunting decision.

What should the priority be? Is location the most important factor? Is the quality of equipment relevant? Vasil believes all these things are a factor but ultimately the decision must be made on what best suits you. 

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He said: “It is important to look at what the gym offers. For example, if you are interested in classes, are they offering them as part of the membership? 

“Do they have enough equipment? Is it good quality equipment? Some gyms can have loads of machines but often the cables can be weak and broken so they are no good.

“There are also obvious things such as hygiene and friendly staff which can make a gym really good or really bad.”

“For example, in one gym I worked at every new member was offered a free welcome session which is a great way of introducing people to fitness if they are new to the gym.”

Whilst the standard of the equipment, cleanliness of space, and friendliness of the staff are indicators of a high-quality gym, there are other factors that outweigh these in terms of importance.

The most vital aspect in keeping up physical fitness and boosting mental health is a regular routine and the best way to stay consistent is if the gym is convenient.  

Vasil recognises this and believes that location and opening times are two key factors when choosing where to start your fitness journey.  

He said: “Staying consistent is the most important yet hardest part about bettering your physical and mental health. 

“There are always days where you may not be as motivated, but it is important to keep going to see the benefits on yourself. 

“To help this the best thing to do is choose a gym that is easy to get to, whether it is close to work or your home, whatever makes it the easiest for you so that you are less likely to miss a session.

“Opening times of the gym are also important, 24-hour gyms are common now and these might work the best for people who work long days or night shifts.”

This article is part of a six-week series lead by PT Vasil Demirov where he will discuss all the benefits that regular exercise can bring to both your lifestyle and your career.

To hear more about mental health in the financial sector listen to our IFA Talk podcast with Matt Vamplew, Co-founder and CEO of Paranimo.

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