The Invesco Summit Growth Range was launched back in July 2018; the range of five multi-asset funds is managed around long-term risk targets. This is intended to provide an asset allocation and fund selection menu which allows advisers to fully match their clients’ risk profiles.

We caught up with Nick Mustoe, CIO of Invesco’s Henley investment centre, to find out more about what he and his team have to offer advisers and investors. We started with the rationale behind the summit growth range.

“We launched Summit for a couple of key reasons. Firstly, it was clear to us from our ongoing conversations with advisers that their needs were evolving, partly due to a changing regulatory backdrop. Secondly, the breadth of our in-house investment capabilities meant that we could bring something different to the space in a cost-effective way for advisers.

Feedback from advisers was really centred on three main challenges that we felt well placed to help them with:

  • Making asset allocation and fund selection decisions for clients
  • Aligning clients with investments that match their risk tolerances
  • Greater transparency and less administration

Over the last few years, Invesco has further enhanced its investment capabilities by building an in-house strategic asset allocation capability in the form of the Houston-based Invesco Global Solutions team. We have also made some acquisitions in the ETF space, meaning that Invesco is now the fourth largest ETF provider globally. Those additions to our already diverse investment capabilities provide us with a compelling investment toolkit.

Asked what makes the summit funds different, Kick thinks the key is flexibility

“One of our key differentiators is that we do not have an imposed house view at Invesco, which gives us real diversity of thought. While many UK investors know us for our Henley investment centre, we also have 12 other independent investment centres around the world. So why is that important? It means we are not constrained by investment approach, or style. Summit is predominantly active but we can also invest in factor-based and passive strategies. Crucially, it means we can access different parts of the market in different ways. In practical terms, we have more than 500 funds and more than 300 ETFs to choose from. Summit is in effect a multi-manager range but with the cost benefits, greater investment team access and granular data obtained by investing in-house.

Summit is in effect a multimanager range but with the cost benefits, greater investment team access and granular data obtained by investing in-house

Another differentiator is that we are able to undertake our strategic asset allocation in-house. We are fortunate to have access to a highly competent, well-resourced strategic asset allocation team that builds outcome-driven strategic portfolios. Being able to work closely with that team is a real benefit.”


In addition to a strong focus on investment quality, Invesco have spent considerable time ensuring that Summit provides advisers with resources that make their lives easier. For example, they have produced a range of materials, including due diligence documents and clientfacing materials, and have developed the Summit Reporter tool which allows advisers to create bespoke, co-branded client reports

We were interested to find out a bit more about the strategy behind asset allocation within the fund range, and Nick was happy to expand

“We operate an asset allocation framework that encompasses both strategic and tactical views.

Our strategic allocation takes a long-term view and is provided by our in-house Invesco Global Solutions team. They use proprietary capital market assumptions, i.e. return and volatility expectations for a range of markets and asset classes, to build five optimised portfolios that aim for our five respective risk targets over a ten year horizon.”


Nick undertakes the tactical asset allocation alongside his Managed Funds team in Henley. It is fundamental in nature and takes a one-to-three year view, allowing Summit funds to take advantage of short- to medium-term market opportunities and to mitigate risks.

As ever, risk and volatility are critical components of any managed fund – what is your approach to these key factors?

“Risk management is deeply embedded in all stages of our investment process, from fund selection to tactical asset allocation. So while volatility is clearly important, it is not the only way we think about risk. We also consider risk to encompass factors such as the potential for capital loss, or the likelihood of return shortfall.”

In order to align portfolios with their intended risk profiles, Nick Mustoe and his team apply relative volatility targets aiming for 30%, 45%, 60%, 75% and 90% of global equity market volatility (as measured by MSCI AC World) respectively.


“We tactically allocate around the strategic allocations within the following parameters to keep the portfolios aligned with their intended risk profiles:

  • +/-10% at the asset class level (e.g. equities, bonds, alternatives)
  • +/-5% at the sub-asset class level (e.g. US equities, high yield, bank loans)

In addition, we benefit from a dedicated risk manager who utilises a third-party risk system in order to provide detailed portfolio risk insights including risk decomposition, pretrade ‘what-if?’ modelling, historical stress-tests, and forward-looking scenario analysis.

How do the funds help advisers to meet differing clients’ needs?

“One thing we have learnt in the last few years is that risk-targeted, multi-asset funds, including the Summit Growth range, are used by advisers in a number of ways. For example, some use them as a single investment solution while others utilise them as the core holding within a broader portfolio.


Summit caters to a wide range of risk appetites, meaning that advisers should be able to align the vast majority of their clients with an appropriate investment.

Our consistent approach means that those investments should remain appropriate for clients for as long as their financial objectives and tolerance to risk remain unchanged.” For ease of use, the funds are risk-rated by the major riskprofilers, including Dynamic Planner, Defaqto, Synaptic and Finametrica.

Having expert fund selection, strategic and tactical asset allocation all under one roof allows for constant interaction between the fund managers throughout the investment process

Of course you’re ever so slightly biased, but briefly, why should advisers consider Summit for their clients?


“I think that there are a few key things which we have tried to deliver. Firstly, our range of capabilities mean that advisers can access truly diversified portfolios in a cost-effective way. After all, we have access to the entire breadth of Invesco’s investment capabilities worldwide and so are able to draw on a hugely diversified source of returns. And having expert fund selection, strategic and tactical asset allocation all under one roof allows for constant interaction between the fund managers throughout the investment process. Summit also provides advisers with the ability to match a variety of client risk profiles. Furthermore, we consider Summit to be a partnership with advisers, designed to make their lives easier, by providing a range of client-friendly marketing literature and updates on the funds, including the Summit reporter tool. “


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