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Chris Birtle from Heat Recruitment Says Recruiters Need to Keep Candidates In the Loop

As the UK economy continues to show signs of continuous positive growth, the war between firms to recruit the industries top professionals is becoming increasingly fierce.  Quality candidates now have far more opportunities available to them than in previous years, and the power shift has gradually started to move back into the hands of the candidates.  

With this in mind, any firm that’s serious about attracting top talent needs to ensure their own recruitment process doesn’t work against them.  Specialist financial services recruiter Heat Recruitment provided some general tips on how to make your recruitment process as efficient as possible.

The Silent Treatment Won’t Work

There is nothing more frustrating to a candidate than attending an interview, being told by the client that they are interested and that they’ll get back to them by the end of the week – only for the client to take weeks in getting back to them with any feedback.

Doing a great job on selling the opportunity at the interview stage will only count for so much, because the longer a candidates goes without hearing, the more their interest in the opportunity begins to wane.

Understandably, from time to time there will be unforeseen circumstances that arise that will take precedent over recruitment and may delay you making a decision.  If this is the case, keep the candidate informed and give them a realistic timeframe of when you will be making a decision – and stick to it.

Equally, if you have engaged a specialist recruiter, let them know what’s happening internally.  They are (or should be) highly skilled in managing a candidates expectations and maintaining their interest in an opportunity.  This becomes far more challenging for a recruiter when they too are being kept in the dark and can offer little explanation as to what’s holding the process up.

Interviews are a Two Way Process

Whilst it is the candidate who sits there and has to answer the bulk of the questions, remember that throughout the whole interview they are asking themselves a number of questions. Including, ultimately: “Could I work for this person?”

With the fact that candidates now have far more options in terms of opportunities, the interviewer needs to understand that they are being equally assessed by the interviewee.  Therefore, you need to consider what you can offer the candidate over and above your competitors, and how you can communicate this to the candidate. You need to ensure the interviewee leaves the room convinced that this is best possible job opportunity for them.

Don’t Over-Depend on Technology

A number of businesses are now using some pretty high-tech recruitment platforms to help facilitate their recruitment process. Whilst such platforms offer various benefits, it’s important not to over-complicate the process. 

Look at the overall objectives of the interview process, and assess what critical factors you want to learn from each stage.  Be aware that lengthy application processes, coupled with various online tests, can create a very impersonal feel to the whole experience for a candidate.

Ensure you use technology for its advantages, but equally understand its limitations.  Top quality candidates won’t be on the market for long, and so a long drawn out recruitment process will only serve to prevent you from securing top talent.

Work With your Recruiter

If you are working with a selected recruiter, it’s important to understand the important part they can play in securing you the right candidates.   Building strong relationships with them so that they fully understand your business will naturally encourage them to work harder on any vacancies you supply them with. 

And remember, the more information you supply them with, the better the consultant becomes at selling your business to the various candidates they speak with in the market. 


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