‘Releasing The Handbrake’: an EIS webinar preparing for the post-lockdown spending boom

Nexus Investments are delighted to bring you an exclusive webinar “Releasing The Handbrake: How your clients can benefit from the impending boom in spending habits after lockdown…


We are told that consumers and businesses will be yearning to spend, spend, spend, and to break out of our “lockdown lives” to power the UK economy in the months to come. Digital innovators, such as Software as a Service (or “SaaS”) companies, look set to be at the heart of this great unleashing. Nexus Investments presents a panel of award-winning world-class digital leaders in the fintech, e-commerce and hospitality sectors discussing how their industries are preparing and what they predict will really emerge when we all “release the handbrake”.

The webinar will be taking place on Monday the 22nd March at 4PM; you can register for a place here.

The Q&A will introduce Nexus’s EIS investment philosophy, going back a number of years, as well as the views of the 3 portfolio company leaders shown above, looking forward.

The discussion will be led and moderated by Stephen Lawrence, Chairman of Nexus’s Scale-Up Fund Investment Advisory Committee.

Nexus Investments are a Specialist Fund Manager backing the trends of tomorrow. Managing Director Matthew O’Kane published a series of case studies in IFA/GBI Magazine explaining how Nexus can help your clients invest in companies that matter.

The Nexus Investments EIS Scale-Up Fund focusses forensically on Data, Digital Ed-Tech and Health, as its core 4 sectors of long-standing expertise. Harry Hyman, owner and Founder of Nexus, and member of the Fund’s Investment Committee, also set up and still leads Primary Health Properties PLC, which he has scaled into a FTSE 250 company with >£2bn AUM.

With their exciting track record of Venture investments, Nexus Investments are a scale-up fund making a positive difference. Managing Director Matthew O’Kane shares his personal insight into why cutting-edge companies in the Ed Tech, Data, and Health Tech Sectors, supported by EIS, can be such a powerful driver of success, not just for client portfolios but also for businesses, the economy and society at large. Read his words here.

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