Remote working could leave door ajar to cybercriminals

Today is Data Privacy Day. In light of this, Dan Davies, CTO at Maintel, shares his advice for staying safe online when working remotely. 

Dan Davies comments: 

“As restrictions ease, a large-scale return to the office may be attractive for many organisations, but a hybrid model of working can continue to be just as safe and successful – if you implement the right security. 

“It’s correct that a hybrid workforce can be difficult to monitor and makes your data more complex to protect, when users only spend a limited amount of time connected to the corporate network. But organisations can combat this through strong data management policies and a software defined, borderless network fabric. This means staff know exactly what is available to them, and where it sits within the business alongside extra precautions – such as multi-factor authentication, secure web gateways and zero-trust systems – which can ensure only those who really need it have access to highly sensitive company data.   

“Alongside these policies, organisations should also leverage only cloud technologies that provide high levels of data security and ubiquitous access. Businesses may also want to invest in automation and A.I tools that help staff locate the data they need faster, alongside more traditional end-point defence tools, such as anti-virus and device posture. 

“Finally, remember that times of disruption are always likely to encourage cybercriminals to seize an opportunity, so remain vigilant. Re-enforce messaging and training with your remote workers and make sure everyone is as educated as possible.”

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