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Retail investors pump the US stock market

@peter_IFAMAG reads Twitter so you don’t have to.

Retail investors using internet site Reddit helped pump the price of Game Stop shares last night, leading to 128% rise, and then subsequent dip, and leaving many pundits in shock. Meanwhile the money raised in SPACs has outpaced the amount raised for traditional IPOs.

Momentum Investors pumped the price of Game Stop stock last night.

It then progressed.

Tracey Alloway looks at this phenomenon in detail, concluded in the investment establishment is ill-equiped to deal with it.

Robin Wigglesworth shared screenshots of what the forum looked like.

Goldman Sachs most shorted index spiked today.

Meanwhile SPACs (Special-purpose Acquisition Companies) how raised an incredible amounts so far this year.

Adam Tooze shares his insights on the so called ‘long covid’ effect on the European economy in this fascinating article.


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