Having to stay at Gatwick recently on a business trip, I chose a hotel which proudly announced that the majority of its rooms didn’t have windows.

Fair enough. I was arriving late, would be tired, it was dark and I didn’t intend spending too much time gazing out on buildings with all the charm of a Gulag.

The hotel in question was the only one in the terminal buildings, which means you don’t have all that hassle of trying to find your hotel via the courtesy bus when half brain dead.


So once you’ve beaten your way through Border Control, you’re a short walk away from your bed.

However, I’m not sure I like a room without a view.

For a start, the room was decorated in a dark brown colour and I don’t want to say, in polite company, what it reminded me of. A large panel over the side of the bed was actually a neon light, so unless you could work the on-screen light controls, the room was either lit up like a football ground, or had the shaded glow of a bike light.


Large mirrors gave the sense of a much larger room, until you reached out, thinking there was more to explore and walked right into the wall.

Then there was the wet room. At least, I hope it was a wet room! Now, I’m all for these modern touches in the area of the bathroom, but inevitable, after your morning shower, the toilet, toilet roll and sink are all covered in hot soapy water. Which means that you had to lay your towel down to get back into the bathroom and dry everything off.

And it was weird not having a window; it’s like you were encased in some large tomb, albeit one which was comfortable and very clean. Although, I have to say, the carpet had about as much pile as my hairless head.


So yes, full marks for being so accessible, comfortable and clean. But perhaps less than full marks for the choice of colour, the wet room and the absence of a window.

If you’re tired, late and in a hurry, then this is for you. If you’ve got a bit of time, then move somewhere with a window; you might not feel so stir crazy then. 

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