SCM Direct female brand MoneyShe releases new female feedback feature

SCM Direct’s female brand, MoneyShe, launches ‘Noticeboard’ feedback function to enable women to share their experiences of dealing with financial Institutions, providers and professionals.

In June 2021, SCM Direct Co-Founder, Gina Miller, launched MoneyShe as a free online educational centre, on the SCM website, dedicated to increasing women’s confidence and knowledge about investing, pensions and saving.

The state of female financial health in the UK is concerning with the Office for National Statistics stated at the UK Gender Pay Gap stands at 15.4%, however Prospect reports this gap widens to 37.9% when it comes to the Gender Pensions Gap.

Whilst many people managed to save during lockdown, the Kantar Group found that only 1 in 10 women intend to invest their savings likely due to a lack of confidence in financial services.

Whilst there is some research in relation to women and financial services, there is little real time attitudinal research or data on women gaols, fears, hopes and aspirations in terms of their financial health and their experiences with providers.

The MoneyShe Noticeboard is a feature that allows women to post their experiences, comment on other’s experiences, and post helpful tips, shining a light on how financial services providers can better engage and improve their services to female customers.

Gina Miller, Founder of MoneyShe, said: “We know from women who have engaged with MoneyShe since launch in July this year, that there are high levels of dissatisfaction, feelings of being patronised and experiencing misogyny when encounter financial professionals.  We are in 2021 and this has to change, not least because we must encourage more women to look after their financial health and futures. The MoneyShe Noticeboard feature will build a community where women can talk, connect, share, and provide valuable feedback that we will publish and share with the industry.”

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