Searches for “recession” have increased by 748% in the last six months

by | Nov 13, 2022

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Searches for “recession” have increased by 748% in the last six months proving that Brits are questioning what sort of impact it might have on their financial situation and how that will affect them in the long-term.

Over 10.3 million people are discussing the cost-of-living crisis online and many of those are wondering how they will adjust their retirement plans and questioning the stability of the pound. So, how do Brits feel about their retirement plans?  

According to new research from private and commercial bank Arbuthnot Latham (see notes below for more info), 34.6% of respondents are uncertain about their retirement, providing answers spread over several profiles – some showing mixed attitudes towards their life after work in terms of readiness and preparedness.   

When asked “Are you ready for retirement?”, respondents answered questions about their attitudes towards retirement based on how they plan to spend their time, where they will live, and how they will fund their retirement. Answers pointed to four different attitudes towards retirement. These varied depending on the sort of retirement respondents were looking for and how closely they felt they could achieve this. 


Arbuthnot Latham found that 34.5% of respondents felt ‘in control and organised’, which means they have made some future life and financial plans and have a good idea of how they will spend their time once they stop working. 

Of the 642 people who responded, 15.5% expressed a ‘cautiously optimistic’ attitude. These people are less certain about what the future holds and might benefit from spending some time considering their future wants and needs, and developing a plan to help them enjoy their retirement when it comes. 

Of the remaining respondents, 4.3% would describe themselves as ‘adventurous and energetic’ and the remaining 11.2% were ‘open to options’.  


Those who identify as ‘adventurous and optimistic’ are planning to live life to the full, enjoying every minute of their retirement, filling their days with new experiences. Those ‘open to options’ may be further away from retirement and  have not yet given their retirement too much thought. Whether seeking adventure or just beginning to consider the future, the earlier you plan the more options you will have when the time comes. 

Paul Clifton, Wealth Planning Director at Arbuthnot Latham said “While it is great to see that many people are feeling in control of their retirement plans, with the current economic landscape, it is unsurprising to see an almost equal number uncertain of their plans. Feeling in control and being in control can be different things, especially as events unfold. We would advise anyone to review their retirement and general financial plans on a regular basis to help ensure they remain fit for the future.” 

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