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Some four months ago when I wrote a few words welcoming readers to the 14th edition of GBI magazine, I observed that we were no clearer what Brexit held in store for us.

In my introduction to issue #15 two months ago, I referred to the UK’s continuing political maelstrom.

This time I shan’t make any comment about what is or isn’t happening, except to say that regardless of circumstances, I fully expect the sun to rise on November 1st just as I expect UK business and its investors will adapt and cope with whatever fate throws at them.

After all, let’s not forget that we’ve had a pretty successful economy for about a thousand years so far, despite the odd historical hiccup.

In this issue we pay a visit to the coal face of entrepreneurialism in the company of Deepbridge Capital, who also feature prominently in our special EIS Round Table report which pulls together the wide range of opinions and concerns of influential players in the sector who got together in June for a fascinating discussion about all things EIS.

Darius McDermott of Chelsea Financial Services is our guide to the breadth of opportunities available in the VCT market, while Alex Davies, CEO of Wealth Club, provides reassurance that the spirit of entrepreneurialism is alive and thriving in the EIS sector.

We bring you up to date with recent news from the industry, and are pleased to report successful exits in the sector. We have our usual investment showcase bringing you the latest offerings, and a listing of what subscription options are around at the moment.

The next few months will be interesting, that’s for sure, but in the meantime we at GBI will continue to keep you abreast of all developments in this most positive of markets; without entrepreneurs, there is no progress; progress and inventiveness is the life blood of commerce.

It’s far too simple to be left to politicians…
All the best to you all,

Alex Sullivan
Managing Partner
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