Lehman Bros 10 years on: how the investment arena can rebuild trust

IW Capital


Luke Davies, CEO and founder of SME investment house IW Capital, takes a look at what we can learn from ten years ago.

“Since the historic period of the financial crash of 2008 with bankers clearing their desks, this perpetuated a stereotype that all investors and bankers are ‘fat cats’ who are only in business for the bottom line figure. We need to change this image to regain public trust and demonstrate all the initiatives and good that comes from the sector.

“For example, SMEs are the nervous system of the British economy. With 99% of British businesses being classed as SMEs, investment into these companies helps them grow, supports jobs and families, and provides skills and training to their employees. Investment
also supports the creation of new enterprises to encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“As we reach the 10th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse, the sector is still rebuilding. Those in the investment arena need to continue to work hard. By continuing to support those who receive investment, I believe that this is the most effective way to help the public regain trust within the sector.”

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