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Sneak peek at the EIS webinar agenda

The budget review; and immediate deployment solutions for your client this tax year webinar will be taking place this Thursday 4th March 10-11:30am

Struggling to deploy funds for your clients this tax year?

We do the work for you and will present an easy to follow guide on the exact steps to take and funds available for maximum tax efficiency before April 5th.

Our expert panel will also be discussing tax implications arising from the budget, making sure you are fully informed.

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Chaired by Mark Brownridge, Director General at EISA, we will also be joined by an expert panel including: 


  • Paul Mattick – Mercia Asset Management
  • James Faulkner – Vala Capital
  • Fred Soneya – Haatch Ventures
  • Andy Davidson – Nova Growth Capital
  • Daniel Rodwell – GrowthInvest

Please see the full agenda below: 

Part One

  • Discussion around the impact of the budget review
    • Tax implications
    • Stimulating the economy
    • Tax efficient investments

Part Two

  • Core information: when investment must be made to guarantee deployment
    • Paper or electronic applications?
    • Will the Fund Manager accept scanned versions of signed apps?
    • Does the Fund Manager need ID for the client?  Or a COVI?
    • Will they accept cheques? And, if so, it may well be an earlier date than the identified close date.
    • Fund manager close date & times.
    • Where are client funds coming from? Are they liquid? Will they be limited to certain amounts per day?
    • Can Fund Managers help with Suitability Paragraphs?
  • How many companies in the closing tranche?
  • Are these all new companies, or are there any existing companies getting further funding. If so, how is the money going to be used?
  • How long to get EIS3 certificates?
  • Use of carry back…are advisers aware?
  • Can you tell us about one of the companies you are investing in that you are really excited about?

This webinar is CPD-certifiable.

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The EIS Association (EISA) is reaching out to encourage wealth managers, regulated advisers and financial planners to join them and play a more active role in this increasingly mainstream area of financial planning. So please signup to become a member. It’s free so click Joining EISA to find out more!


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