SoftBank and Credit Suisse ‘circular financing’ reviewed

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The long-awaited ‘Russia Report’ reveals successive UK governments turned a blind eye to money laundering through London. Elsewhere Softbank exits Credit Suisse funds after ‘circular financing’ review. The four largest tech stocks now out-value the entire Japanese stock market.

Firstly James Hurley shares new developments in the Wirecard scandal.

Isabel Woodford writes an interesting piece on Monzo Plus’s rollout.

Chris Giles left confused after HM Treasury announces public sector pay rises, and then public sector squeezes.

David Ingles points out the value of the four largest tech stocks in comparison to the Japanese stock market.

SoftBank pulls out of Credit Suisse fund following review.

The Russia Report came out earlier today and is rather damning of UK policy.

Meanwhile, the government discuss pensions.

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