Succession Wealth launches advice arm for sports and entertainment professionals


Succession Wealth announced today the launch of ‘Succession Sports & Entertainment’, a specialist Wealth Planning advice arm to serve and educate professionals in the sports and entertainment industries.

Ehson Dejahang, Financial Planner at Succession said, “Succession has a history of supporting high-profile sporting and entertainment stars, and the launch allows us to build on this experience, working with these individuals to ensure they are making good financial decisions from the very start of their career.”

Succession is already the adviser to many high-profile sports and entertainment stars and their families. The business is launching the dedicated service to offer both established and young professionals much needed financial advice and education that can help ensure financial wellbeing both now and into the future. It will also offer advice to retiring professionals to ensure a successful second career and retirement.

Sports and entertainment professionals face unique challenges when it comes to their finances and must have an eye on the future from an early age. Given the unique structure of their careers, the service will help clients plan for the future and become financially independent, while steering them away from costly errors that can derail their finances. Succession will work with professionals from the very earliest stages of their career, working alongside other experts and family members to ensure the right foundations are in place to secure financial well-being for the long-term.

The team includes Succession Financial Planner Ehson Dejahang and a number of Succession’s Financial Planners who already work within the sports and entertainment sectors. ‘Succession Sports & Entertainment’ has a strong focus on ensuring that planning is at the centre of its clients’ finances, along with making the language used around finances clearer. The service uses cashflow modelling technology to forecast finances and provide a visual guide to possible future outcomes.

Dejahang continued, “We are independent wealth planners, not salespeople. It is an important distinction as it means we are committed to working in the client’s best interests on an ongoing basis throughout their life. While sporting careers can often be short, and earnings sporadic in the world of entertainment, these professionals can also have multiple careers, so we want to be there for them throughout that process.”

As part of Succession’s commitment to financial education, the ‘Succession Sports & Entertainment’ team will work closely with football academies and schools to provide young people with the money management skills and knowledge they need to manage their finances and grow and protect their wealth over the course of their lives.

Ehson Dejahang added, “The biggest issue relating to money is often the lack of education around finances. We are passionate advocates of the importance of financial education from an early age and, through our outreach work with academies and schools, hope to make a real difference in the community.”

Peter Coleman, Chief Commercial Officer at Succession commented: “Succession has long been renowned for providing a first-class client experience. The launch of ‘Succession Sports & Entertainment’ is another example of us strengthening our proposition and ensuring we can provide maximum value for clients in these unique industries. We already have an experienced team in place, with some high-profile clients, so I’m really excited about what the future holds for us in this space.”

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