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The Sunday Times tells about the man who became the first ISA millionaire in 2003 who has invested through four major financial crises — in the 1970s, Black Wednesday, the dotcom bubble and the recession of 2008. Now aged 77 and facing self-isolation, he says “I’m buying cheap shares already”.


They also report that in authorised push payment fraud, the number of people tricked into sending money to fraudsters went up 45% last year after banks decided to repay victims.

They suggest that in these testing times, investors should choose companies that will do well by doing good; much-maligned Big Pharma is where the battle against Covid-19 will be won and canny investors can be a part of that victory.

The Sunday Telegraph reminds their readers that there’s only a week until the tax year and offers advice about how they can make the most of their ISA allowance.


They look at Rishi Sunak’s package, and why hundreds of thousands of the self-employed who have been waiting for help during the Covid-19 crisis might miss out.

The government has halted almost all house sales during the coronavirus lockdown; the Telegraph explores what it means for those in the middle of a purchase.

The Mail on Sunday thinks scores of Britain’s best-known high street food and drink chains will go bust by the end of April unless banks provide immediate finance.


They ask what buyers and sellers are allowed to do as lockdown freezes the property market, while their Jeff Prestridge reassures his readers that in this time of turmoil, if they have any personal finance queries they want answered, “email, we are here for you, around the clock”.

Now there’s something you may want to head off at the pass…

Don’t forget your clocks should have gone forward, and here’s a thought that has almost nothing to do with a pandemic…


“Where you stand depends on where you sit.” (Nelson Mandela)

Carry on being ultra-cautious and wash those hands beyond boredom.



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