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The Sunday Times leads with news that a net £3.5 trillion was added to UK equity funds by institutional and private investors around the world in the nine weeks before the general election.

So of course, they advise readers about how to tap into the ‘Boris bounce’.

An article about the real cost of personal fund management reveals that investing £1m through Hargreaves Lansdown’s discretionary portfolio service — where you hand over the management of your money entirely to experts — could erode returns by almost £3m in fees and lost profit over 30 years, leaving you with an investment pot of just £2.8m.

It seems that yet another P2P firm is telling savers that they can’t cash in their loans, as ThinCats becomes the latest to scrap what is known as a secondary market.

Elsewhere, food and drink are recommended as two staples to put on your shares shopping list.

The Sunday Telegraph reports on the stocks to buy following the Tories’ election victory, and also discusses what the result means for your money in terms of tax cuts and pension rises.

The paper reveals that entrepreneurs have called on the new Conservative Government to abandon plans that would overhaul tax breaks for business owners, saying they would remove major incentives for people to set up their own ventures.

There’s even a headline (ha ha, oh my aching sides!) which reads ‘Brexit done by February’, which goes on to explain what this means for travelling in Europe, investments, savings and property prices.

The Mail on Sunday is surprisingly restrained in its Borissian afterglow; it actually leads by telling us to ‘Forget rent – there’s a lucrative new property income stream’, as apparently landlords are raking in £15,000 a MONTH as influencers.

They ask ‘Is an equity release time-bomb sitting under YOUR home?’, and report that experts are voicing concern at expensive long-term loans.

They also reckon that house price growth is tipped to reach 2% next year as confidence returns to the market.


Monday’s Mantra “British place names can be weird. Northampton, Southampton – now there’s a cab fare I wasn’t expecting…” (Rich Hall, Kingston, 2019)


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