The EIS fund that invests in solutions for 2 of the biggest issues facing our world – #WorldEarthDay

by | Apr 22, 2022

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This article features as part of IFA Magazine’s celebration of World Earth Day

Two of the biggest issues facing our world today are undoubtedly those of climate change and how we feed the growing global population in the future. They are two issues that are inextricably linked, according to Regenerate Ventures.

We hear about climate change all the time. Less well known is the fact that 30% of carbon emissions come from the global agriculture industry. It is only if we can dramatically reduce these emissions that we will stand a chance of building a net zero world.

And then there is the growing global population. It demands ever increasing amounts of food, yet around 75% of all soil on earth is degraded, largely through over use and the results of climate change. This means that more food is being needed from a resource that is yielding diminishing returns. And the problem is truly global. Simply, it is a situation that cannot go on.


Fortunately it is technology that is likely to provide most of the answers. And that is what the Regenerate Ventures Agritech Fund is investing in. Technologies that can solve global problems. The scale of the need is massive…as are the opportunities for investors. New ways of doing things differently and better are likely to be in demand across the globe. Gone are the days when you used to sacrifice returns by investing sustainably or ethically. The tables have been turned, and it is now likely that investing sustainably will deliver superior returns.

In tune with regulatory change

2022 is likely to be a year of transformational change for sustainable investing in the UK. The FCA are planning to introduce a labelling system for all investment funds, so that investors know exactly what they are investing in. And advisers will need to talk to every one of their clients to let them know what level of service they can expect for sustainable solutions. There will inevitably be a  greater demand for funds that offer different sustainable investments that are genuinely likely to make a difference, and offer exciting returns for investors.


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