The end of a taxing year | GBI 19 | April 2020

So I thought we’d done quite well to come out more or less smiling after the 2016 referendum, sundry General Elections and years of Brexit dithering.

Then along comes Covid-19; an unprecedented predicament for every single human being on the planet.

So thanks a lot, Fate.

But we all soldier on regardless, so welcome to GBI Magazine 19.

In it, you’ll find evidence that creativity and innovation are still thriving in the UK; indeed, I feel certain that the impetus to overcome the current difficulties will be generated by a cohort of entrepreneurs from the private sector.

You’ll hear from James Faulkner, a Director at Vala Capital who discusses how to build your clients’ confidence in EIS by helping them understand the risks involved.

The CEO of Vala, Jasper Smith, has overall responsibility for Vala EIS Portfolio’s deal flow and mentoring services; he gives us a behind-the-scenes tour.

Stephen Margolis, Chairman and Founding Partner of ARIE Tech LLP, tells us what makes him and his company tick.

Glen Stewart of Committed Capital shares his thoughts on investee selection, risk mitigation, success rates, portfolio diversification and fees.

Cradle of the industrial revolution and historically home to some of Britain’s finest manufacturing enterprises, all too often the North is patronised or even ignored by the South-centric media. But there is creativity and talent there in abundance, which is why some of the smart money, such as the Praetura EIS Growth Fund, is heading that way.

You’ll also find articles from our website that you have missed over the last month or so, along with our regular features on New Entrants and Open Offers. In the meantime, do take every care to keep yourselves, your families and your colleagues as safe as you can.

Wishing you all the best,


Alex Sullivan
Managing Partner
CML | GBI Magazine | IFA Magazine

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