The Inheritance Generation | GBI 17 |November 19

On an almost hourly basis, the bafflement that is Brexit deepens ever more divisively.

To misquote Churchill, we have no idea if it’s the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning or just the middle of a mess. So we’ll park it for now and concentrate on entirely positive news. Thankfully, the world of EIS is full of it.

In this, GBI’s 17th issue, we’ll examine how Stellar Asset Management is ushering in a new age of family office via its new estate planning offering, Stellar ICENI Services. Matthew Steiner, Business Development Director at Stellar, offers us an in-depth introduction to this ground-breaking innovation.

We report on a fascinating Round Table discussion held earlier in the summer in Hambro Perks’ spectacular Victorian atrium. Topics covered include the state of play in the EIS market after 25 years, the importance of education, research and transparency to the sector, and the less obvious benefits to both investees and investors of a successful start-up.

Glen Stewart, Head of Intermediated Capital Raising at Committed Capital, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the firm’s operations and aspirations and his assessment of the present and future shape of the market.

We also take a look at Nova’s first foray into fund launching, and at Deepbridge Capital’s successful iPipeline exit. You’ll find details of EISA’s ‘Plan to Grow’ event
in London on December 5th, which is designed to help you navigate your way around the constantly changing landscape of EIS and BR, and we’ll also bring you up to date with some of the latest stories from the sector as a whole. We have our regular investment showcase bringing you the latest offerings, and a listing of what subscription options feature at the moment.

So, whatever happens between now and October 31st (if anything…), we’ll continue to monitor and report on all the developments in UK entrepreneurship and how investors can contribute and benefit in so many ways.

I hope you find GBI 17 of interest and a distraction from all the confusion.

See you on the other side!

Alex Sullivan
Managing Partner
CML | GBI Magazine | IFA Magazine

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