The several elements to EIS and SEIS schemes

There are several elements to EIS and SEIS schemes.

  • The Investee company
  • The HMRC
  • The investors who actually become part of the company and mentor the owners
  • Fund managers who may arrange the investment into the investee companies
  • Third party investors

Nearly 33,000 companies have benefitted from the EIS scheme and it’s wonderful to see that number continuing to grow, with 4,215 companies raising money under the scheme in 2019/20. SEIS has helped nearly 14,000 companies in their very early stages, and it is particularly exciting to see the number of specific SEIS funds that have been launched in recent years.

Our Annual Report 2022 on EIS/SEIS Investments is now available, commissioned by compliance expert Tony Catt to put EIS and SEIS in focus and help make the landscape of funding more transparent.

 Click here to download access a complimentary digital edition of our special focus on EIS

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