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The Mail on Sunday reminds us that one year on, Neil Woodford’s investment fund is still in lockdown; Woodford himself is now living off the vast income that he made – both before and after the fund’s suspension – from his investors whom he so misled and let down.

They ask how furlough is going to change? A Q&A explains what Rishi Sunak’s new ‘flexible furlough’ scheme means for workers, the self-employed, businesses and the taxpayer – and how it will all end.

The shamelessly sensational headline ‘I was once shut in a fridge with Prime Minister Boris Johnson but look at me now!’ leads into a story about milkman Simon Mellin – one of a new breed of enterprising individuals who have prospered despite the pandemic.

Echoing the Mail, The Sunday Times reports that trust in Hargreaves Lansdown has taken a dive after the Woodford scandal; an annual poll of 1,449 investors by the consumer group Which? has for the first time shown how confidence has ebbed away in Hargreaves amid the fallout from the collapse of Neil Woodford’s fund-management empire.

Members of Commuter Club, a company that allows people to purchase annual train tickets and pay them off monthly, have reported months spent chasing refunds that should happen in 30 days, being told they can speed up the process if they pay a £20 fee, and cancelling their membership only to find hundreds of pounds still being taken out of their bank accounts.

They also warn businesses to play fair, asking what profiteering meat salesmen, hand sanitiser sharks and package holiday companies have in common; answer, they have all been reported to a coronavirus business complaint service.

The Sunday Telegraph doesn’t appear to have anything fresher than 0500 on Saturday; however, they do suggest some of the stocks best placed to survive coronavirus and how to find them.

They believe coronavirus means women won’t earn as much as men for an extra 30 years and explore how women are more likely to have lost or quit their job since lockdown, with experts predicting they may now not achieve pay parity for 90 years.

Sticking with the virus, they look at how it has brought about a rental crisis that could destroy the hopes of first-time buyers.

“Am I the only one who’s always tempted to light the wick on top of a beret?” (Paul Merton)

So contact restrictions are being relaxed; let’s not assume things are back to normal. But do enjoy seeing your loved ones again and keep safe.

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