Vitality introduces new product charge offer of 0.15% or less per year

A man rising coins
a man rising coins

Vitality has introduced a new, limited-time offer, which will see annual product charges of just 0.15% or less, with a charge cap on amounts above £200,000.

This will offer clients an annual product charge of no more than 0.15% for amounts up to £200,000, meaning that they will never pay more than £300 per year when they invest in Vitality funds.

For clients with larger investments, there will also be no product charge on amounts above £200,000 in Vitality funds.

Once invested, clients can reduce their product charge even further to 0.13%, 0.10% or even 0% by taking steps to be healthy and engaging with the Vitality Programme.

Justin Taurog, Managing Director, VitalityInvest, said: “This coming year brings with it a lot of uncertainty for investors, from potential interest rate rises and inflationary pressures to dealing with the outcome of the pandemic. Despite this, one thing that advisers and clients can control is choosing a plan which provides them with the most cost-efficient product charges.

“Our new offer will help advisers provide even more value to clients by ensuring that they will never pay more than £300 in product charges each year when they invest in Vitality funds. This gives their investments more room to grow while helping them to reach their savings goal faster and enables advisers to maximise the value of their assets under advice.”

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