Watch the EIS 101: ‘Back to Basics’ Webinar

Join the leading experts in the EIS space as they cover the foundational elements of how EIS can benefit your clients, particularly at this time of year.

The EIS 101 webinar, recorded on February 11th, tackles the mechanics of EIS and SEIS, including fees, liquidity, risk and reward.

The expert panel includes the Directors, Chairs, and Founders of; EISA, Mercia, ARIE Capital, Vala Capital, Haatch, Nova, Hardman & Co and GrowthInvest.

For IFAs experienced in EIS, this is a good recap and update on the latest developments. For advisers not currently using EIS, this is a great opportunity to learn some of the fundamentals.

As well as the basics you are shown how to access tax efficient funds in sustainable/ESG, high-tech firms, regional investing and early-stage investments.

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Don’t forget to sign up for the next webinar on March 4th, ‘The budget review; and immediate deployment solutions for your client this tax year’.

Are you struggling to deploy funds for your clients this tax year? We will do the work for you and will present an easy to follow guide on the exact steps to take and funds available for maximum tax efficiency before April 5th.

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The EIS Association (EISA) is reaching out to encourage wealth managers, regulated advisers and financial planners to join them and play a more active role in this increasingly mainstream area of financial planning. So please signup to become a member. It’s free so click Joining EISA – EISA to find out more!


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