Wattabuy! What to buy?!

Wattabuy is new virtual manager which helps a wide range of investors to build investment portfolios and track the dynamics of their activities quickly and easily.

According to Wattabuy, the sole aim of the app is to provide objective information in a conservative and scientific way. Investors will continue to work with the bank or brokerage account of their choosing, but with the overlay of a unique review of the portfolio through Wattabuy.

As well risk profiling analysis, the app can offer nine model portfolios and around a hundred personalised US dollar global bond portfolios. Two more currencies will be added in the near future: the euro and the yuan. Each portfolio will contain at least ten issuers with trading lots starting at $2,000 USD.

The creators of the app are professionals with more than 20 years of experience in major banks and investment companies. The team is currently working on bringing Artificial Intelligence implementation into the system in order to ensure that the approach is as scientific and robust as possible.

Welcome to the Wattabuy app

The application provides offers a free grace period, after which a subscription will be activated – at around £10 per month based on the current $/£ exchange rate.

During this time, you will be able to get acquainted with our app and create your own portfolio. The service will constantly monitor portfolios. To start using the app and create your portfolio, you need to register and answer a number of questions. This is necessary so that we can offer you the optimal set of securities that suits you. If you are not satisfied with the portfolio we offer, you can always choose your own option. At the moment the app allows you to create only one bond portfolio. If you made a mistake or you don’t like the selected portfolio in the end, you can contact the support service. Our specialists will update your profile and you will be able to choose a new portfolio.

The “Portfolio “Tab.

In it, you can see information about your portfolio, the specific weight of purchased securities, their number, value in % of face value, and value in US dollars. Information on securities and portfolio value is updated every 3 hours during the trading session. Please note that American securities are traded in America and, accordingly, the time will be American. At the bottom of the portfolio, you can view the yield to maturity that you should receive if you keep the portfolio until it is repaid, as well as the current yield. The current yield shows the amount of  payouts that you can expect to get at a given time, if the value of the securities does not change. This means that even if the return to maturity of the portfolio is 1%, and the current one is 3%, then for the year, provided that prices have not changed, your return would be 3% per annum.

The “Deals” tab

Your portfolio management is completely focused on this tab. By clicking on each issuer, you can see the details of the security: yield, trading lot, current market value and look at alternative options for other securities, or even refuse the proposed transaction. If you purchased additional bonds from your broker, sold some of the securities, or made a mistake when entering the amount, this will be reflected in the main screen in the “Portfolio”tab. You can add your own personal transactions, reduce or increase the number of purchased securities.

The “Chats/Channels” tab

With the Wattabuy app, you will be able to keep up to date with important events in the stock market. This tab contains the latest news as well as our views on the current situation and the most important events. Also here you can find out more about all of our actions. In the app’s chat rooms, you can write to client managers or ask a question to the Wattabuy service.

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