WealthBuilders Academy aims to help 50,000 achieve financial independence

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Financial education community launches Academy to support 50,000 people in achieving financial independence. 


WealthBuilders Together Ltd has launched an online Academy as it looks to help 50,000 people achieve financial independence within five years.

The financial education community was founded in 2013 by economist and author Kevin Whelan and offers a blueprint for financial independence through a programme of training courses.

The launch of the Academy, which is built on established economic principles of wealth accumulation, is designed to broaden access to its core programme and help address the issue that 95% of the UK population live without financial independence.

The programme – which launched in 2019 and now has over 250 members – includes elements such as the reduction of personal debt, utilisation of space capacity, development of new assets such as intellectual property and the use of SSAS Pensions.

The Academy will provide access to a new Recurring Revenue Roadmap, and members will also join a growing community of like-minded people who are learning how to build wealth for themselves and future generations.

It comes as the Money Advice Service estimated that, even before the pandemic, 8.3 million people in the UK were over-indebted and 22% of UK adults had less than £100 in savings.

A survey from Aviva also found that 59% of adults worry about having sufficient savings to last them in retirement, but only 44% were actively saving and just 31% checked each month to see if they could afford to save more.

Kevin Whelan, founder of WealthBuilders Together, said: “We believe that everybody has the right to be, and importantly can be, completely financially independent so that they can live life on their own terms.

“The WealthBuilders Academy provides a proven, accessible and affordable path for enterprising people who have a desire and commitment to build wealth and become financially independent within five years, without overwhelm and fear of making mistakes.”

The Academy launch follows a new strategic partnership that has seen Whelan join the board of SSAS Alliance, the UK’s largest independent group of SSAS Trustees, and he is also due to headline the Business Excellence Forum & Awards 2022.

Earlier this month, the WealthBuilders podcast WealthTalk marked its 100th episode by hitting 100,000 downloads across 105 different countries.

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