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The Sunday Times reports that nine energy suppliers are likely to go bust in the next 12 months, leaving households with a bill running into the tens of millions. Another article examines how, thanks to the ineptitude of regulator Ofgem, the energy market has been wobbling for some little while.

Elsewhere, the paper is taking its now weekly swipe at St James’s Place, reporting first that the firm charges more for near-identical funds and then that because SJP chief executive Andrew Croft believes the company needs a cultural overhaul, their incentive reward cruises (aka ‘conferences’) have been cancelled.

The whole SJP affair also prompts the paper to muse on how to find the right financial adviser in a piece titled ‘The great financial advice conundrum’.

There’s also news about how some of Britain’s largest investment companies are plotting to bankroll a legal battle to stop savers seeking compensation because they were allowed to put high-risk investments into their pensions.

The Sunday Telegraph comments that while Compass’s shares aren’t cheap, the catering company’s predictability makes them worth hanging on to.

There’s also a story about how buy-to-let landlords are being urged to sell their properties before tax bills soar in April.

The Mail on Sunday reveals the men behind the ‘fraud’ that cost savers more than $100m – including 300 British investors.

They also update on Hargreaves Lansdown’s move to follow Interactive Investor and Fidelity in scrapping exit fees.

There’s also an article about a survey by Dutch bank ING which reveals that the more you know about cryptocurrencies, the less convinced you are of their success.

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