What are the differences between SEIS and EIS?

EIS and SEIS are very similar in many respects, but there are some important differences.

EIS and SEIS serve the same essential purpose – to be a conduit for early-stage investment into high-growth-potential, smaller and younger UK companies, for which there is widely regarded to be a ‘finance gap’, meaning many promising businesses can struggle to obtain growth funding.

The key difference between the two is that SEIS is explicitly targeted at start-ups and very early-stage companies, while EIS can be used by larger and more mature companies – though these are still relatively small and young in the context of the UK’s business and corporate landscape.

Our Annual Report 2022 on EIS/SEIS Investments is now available, commissioned by compliance expert Tony Catt to put EIS and SEIS in focus and help make the landscape of funding more transparent.

Click here to download access a complimentary digital edition of our special focus on EIS

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