Will freeports attract money laundering?

Colorful freight containers stacked up on the quay for shipping in the cargo port of Luebeck

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Fintech lenders ‘bounced out of crisis loans’ by lenders, the same day as Leo Varadkar says he doesn’t trust banks. Meanwhile, as the UK prepares for Brexit, the proposed freeports get scrutinized.

James Hurley of The Times shares a revealing story. Fintech companies are getting the cold shoulder during pandemic recovery.

APPG share Leo Varadkars comments about loan payment breaks.

The IMF today tweet out up to date data on the EU’s recovery – though 9.3% of GDP wiped out in just one quarter.


In Brexit news, many on Twitter upset over the UK government’s ‘get ready for Brexit’ campaign.

The FT examine freeports, laying bare potential for money laundering and regional investment disparities.


And finally, sign up to APPG Banking’s webinar following their reflective loss intervention.

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