William Hague: “…Theresa May was the opposite to Donald Trump…”

by | Jun 28, 2018

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Chairman of IFA Magazine Paul Wilson is at today’s “Who’s who in the Zoo,” billed by the organisers as the financial event of the year, listening to the keynote speech from the former leader of the Tory party William Hague.

Wilson took notes from the wide-ranging speech which focussed on Brexit and also compared British Prime Minister Theresa May to US President Donald Trump.

Wilson said: “Brexit takes centre stage of the speech, Hague voted remain. Described himself as a remaino-skeptic.

“He pointed out that there have been an additional 600,000 jobs created in the UK since the referendum. Not a disaster.

“Said Theresa May was the opposite to Donald Trump. Trump let’s everyone know what he feels all the time, she plays her cards close to her chest, and has to during the Brexit negotiations where to reveal what you want early in the process would be to make it almost certain you won’t get it.

“He confirmed a deal will be done, whether it is good or bad it will get done because Ireland needs it. A third of its business is with the UK and another third passes through the UK.

“He believes that the UK will succeed in, or out of the EU because it has the skills, infrastructure and education base that are the prerequisite for success, without which no amount of EU membership will fix your problem.

“Thinks Ireland will have to change their stance in the negotiations otherwise the EU will do a deal that leaves Ireland out.

“Asked about the risks with Italy, he quoted a ‘friend’ in ‘Britain, government is possible, in Italy it is pointless.’

“Thinks Italy ought to leave the Euro and ultimately will leave it. There is no provision to leave, he predicts next time there is a downturn a future Italian government will announce at close of business on Friday that there will be a new currency on Monday by lunchtime. It won’t be a drawn out process.”

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