WORLD PASSWORD DAY: ‘How cyber criminals shimmy their way to sensitive data’ – SailPoint SVP

by | May 5, 2022

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Steve Bradford, Senior Vice President EMEA at SailPoint:

“Passwords will remain central to login verifications online for years to come, so this World Password Day, it’s important to make sure we’re taking the right steps to keep these secure and robust.

“That means perfecting the basics – using a unique combination of letters, symbols and numbers so that passwords aren’t easy to guess, and refraining from using the same password across multiple accounts.

“Many users are unaware of the risks when using the same passwords for work and private accounts. Once a cybercriminal has gained access to an account via compromised login credentials, it’s easy to move freely around the network and shimmy their way to the most sensitive data. For this reason, it’s imperative passwords are changed regularly, at least every three months. Holding on to used login data for too long is far too risky.

“It’s certainly difficult to remember multiple passwords, especially when they’re being changed regularly. But you should resist the urge to write these down on a scrap of paper which could easily get lost – it’s a data protection taboo. The best and most secure way to keep track of these is to use a password manager that requires two-factor authentication.”

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