UK workers to lose over 25% of their salary to tax

by | Nov 12, 2023

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A new report has found workers in England on average, will pay up to 25% of their salaries into taxes over the next tax year.

The Year In Tax Report, compiled by pension advisors Almond Financial, took a deep dive into the taxes we pay in our everyday lives, some of which you might not be aware of. 

The report analysed regional salary data to calculate income tax and National Insurance paid by the average worker in England, while also taking into account VAT on household utilities such as energy, food shopping, broadband, mobile phone plans, council tax and even the taxes paid to run a car. 


With the government set to benefit from a £40 billion tax boost by 2028 due to frozen income tax allowances and thresholds, higher-rate taxpayers will pay £3,700 more per year in tax. 

Topping the list of cities where workers will pay the most tax is London. Despite having one of the lowest average council tax bills, the average worker will face an annual tax bill of £11,872.

Milton Keynes finished just behind London in second, with workers paying up to £9,836 in tax over the course of a year, with Readind also finishing in the top three with a tax bill of just under £9,700 per year. 


As the only Yorkshire city in the top 10 cities, workers in Leeds are set to pay over £8,800 in tax over the next year with the average person paying up to £830 in council tax alone. 

Year In Tax Report 

City / TownIncome Tax & NIAverage Council Tax paidVAT (Energy)Total Tax  (Car)VAT (Food)VAT (Mobile Phone)VAT (WIFI)Total
Milton Keynes£7,752.32£947.84£96.50£561.00£464.60£27.00£35.40£9,836.41
Brighton and Hove£6,429.12£1,002.19£96.50£561.00£464.60£27.41£36.85£8,569.42
Newcastle upon Tyne£6,549.44£859.77£95.50£561.00£464.60£27.43£37.20£8,547.19

(All figures are based on one person paying their share of bills in an average UK household of 2.3 people)


Commenting on the research, principal financial advisor at Almond Financial Sam Robinson said “Most of us wouldn’t think twice about how much tax is in every product or service we pay for, but this data is an interesting insight into how hard tax can hit our pockets. 

“With tax being embedded in everything we buy, it is evident that our salaries are becoming increasingly stretched.

“As we continue to battle a cost of living crisis, these figures will provide uncomfortable reading for many. For those approaching state pension age, this will provide a stark reminder that in order to live a comfortable life in retirement, it’s important to plan for retirement effectively and start putting plans into place sooner rather than later. 


It’s important that if you need advice on either planning for retirement or ongoing financial advice, seek out a financial advisor who can walk you through the next steps.” 

For more information and to view the full research, please visit: 

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