A spotlight on ‘quality’ investing with Ninety One’s Abrie Pretorius – Podcast episode #17

by | Oct 12, 2022

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There can be little doubt that current market conditions are amongst the most challenging that most investors can remember.

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On this week’s IFA Talk podcast, we’re talking investment – but specifically looking at ‘quality’ investing. What actually is it? How is it different to growth? What makes a quality company?  How do they perform in different market environments?  Why does quality investment make sense in today’s volatile markets?

Talking to Sue and Bex in this week’s episode is Abrie Pretorius, portfolio manager of Ninety One’s global quality equity income fund, who is particularly well placed to talk on the subject of quality investing.  

Not only does Abrie have a charismatic and enthusiastic approach but he also has very interesting insight on how and why “quality” when applied to investment, is a particularly relevant concept today.


We hope you find our conversation with Abrie interesting and thought provoking.

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