About Us

About Us

First published back in 2010, IFA Magazine is proud to be a part of Clifton Media Lab, an independent publishing company that is based in the Clifton area of Bristol. 

The editorial team at IFA Magazine aims to deliver relevant, engaging content that is not only enjoyable to read but also makes our readers think about what they do and how they do it. This is all done in the name of inspiring excellence in financial planning and investment management advice through both print and digital media.

Style and substance

Thanks to its trademark blend of sharp professional analysis and strongly argued opinions from leading industry figures, IFA Magazine simply exudes quality – all wrapped up in one of the most visually exciting packages you’ll find anywhere in the publishing environment.

Published ten times each year, from the high-gloss cover to the startlingly intense quality of its graphic imagery, the design of IFA Magazine owes more to the higher-level lifestyle magazines than to the traditional financial press. Our readers know how to appreciate the finer points of a well-presented publication, and they are proving intensely loyal.

It’s not only the specialist sections which include coverage of technical issues, better business practice and our regular look behind the scenes at today’s successful advisory firms that readers love. It’s also the unmistakable twist of humour that keeps them turning the pages.

Strong focus on readership

We don’t lose sight of the fact that our readers are well-qualified investment professionals looking for something a bit different from the publications they read. 

We use our vast experience in the sector to establish what topics and subjects readers will find interesting – as well as what they won’t. Clearly, we try to avoid those elements at all costs. Because we understand that our readers are professionals, we know that they have sophisticated needs when it comes to what they want to read. They like to read content which is on their wavelength, is pitched at the right level to stimulate their thinking as well as to inform. 

Relevant content

We make sure that in each edition of IFA Magazine we give a combination of relevant and practical features that are strong on opinion, ask questions, and which go into detail.  Specifically, we try to stimulate readers’ thinking, help to grow their technical knowledge and to help them develop skills to deliver a better service for their clients as well as to improve their efficiency as advisers and as businesses. Also of high importance is to provide sound ideas – action points – on how they can run a more profitable and effective business. 

At IFA Magazine, we aim for a good balance of these content areas. We enjoy adding a twist of humour too. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

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