Dynamic Planner links to Origo Integration Hub

Anthony Rafferty, CEO Origo
Photo of Anthony Rafferty, CEO Origo

Dynamic Planner has signed to the Origo Integration Hub to help create greater efficiencies with even more platforms for processing of bulk valuations.

The link-up will enable Dynamic Planner to receive bulk valuations from all of the platforms and product providers who are signed up to deliver the service via the Hub, in addition to the connections it already has in place.

The advantage of using the Hub is that it enables product providers, platforms and service providers to integrate once with the central facility and then link with any other Hub user for the available services.

This reduces the cost and administrative burden of setting up straight-through-processing in areas key to the operations of the financial advice industry, including valuations, bulk valuations, bulk transaction history, account opening, remuneration and transfer tracking.

There are now 46 companies using Origo Integration Hub across the industry – including 29 adviser software providers and 14 provider platforms, with many more companies lined up to take advantage of this centralised facility.

Anthony Rafferty, CEO, Origo, says: “We are delighted Dynamic Planner is now a member of the Origo Integration Hub community of users.

“We built the Integration Hub to deliver the functionality the industry had been crying out for. There was some good work being done with point-to-point integrations but by their nature they are driven by individual business case and the tech resource of both companies, and because they are bespoke, they can be expensive to build and maintain.

“What we wanted to do was create a central facility which enables all companies to integrate once and then be able to interact with any other users, thereby improving the industry’s efficiencies, cutting its costs, enhancing customer experiences and also driving competition in the market.    

“The success of the Hub to date shows that the industry is welcoming the functionality and the capabilities it delivers.”

Yasmina Siadatan, Sales and Marketing Director, Dynamic Planner, says: “Dynamic Planner has committed to driving productivity gains for all our advice firms, and our open ecosystem is integral to that commitment. We already employ over 20 integrations with leading platforms, back offices and custodians, reducing the need to rekey data, dramatically speeding up the process of undertaking financial planning tasks, while preventing data islands developing across the advice firm.

“We are delighted to announce our connection with the Origo Integration Hub today, and will continue to advance our data and integrations strategy into the future to push the industry forward.”  

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