Square Mile acquires Ethical Money Limited

Square Mile Investment Consulting and Research has confirmed the acquisition of Ethical Money Limited and its associated trading entity, 3D Investing, a specialist in the assessment of impact investing.  This acquisition brings together two leading proponents of ESG and responsible investing and enhances Square Mile’s capabilities while extending the reach of 3D Investing’s proposition. 

3D Investing is a leading provider of assessments on the impact of investments and is an excellent foil to Square Mile’s responsible investing research. The process which drives 3D Investing centres on a fund’s ability to make a positive and measurable environmental and/or social impact as evidenced by its underlying investments. Square Mile has a broader focus on identifying funds that fall into three categories: exclusion, sustainability and impact as explicitly stated in their mandate. They are assessed on their ability to meet their performance objectives as well their responsible investment commitments. The combination of these specialisms creates a compelling and comprehensive resource dedicated to all aspects of responsible and impact investing. 

Founded in 2014 by John Fleetwood (pictured above), 3D Investing helps IFAs and asset managers develop portfolios with a high social impact.  In 1991, Fleetwood became one of the first financial advisers to focus his practice on ethical investment, and 3D Investing draws on this expertise gained over some 30 years.  It helps investors identify funds that best meet the 3D philosophy of ‘doing good, avoiding harm and leading change’.  Its 3D Star Rating is an extension of this and is applied to over 270 responsible and sustainable funds and is used by both advisers and asset managers in selecting funds and developing model portfolios.  3D Investing also publishes the highly-regarded Good Investment Review twice-yearly and is a founding partner of the Big Exchange. 

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