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by | Jul 2, 2020

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What is CoInvestor‘s approach in 2020 and further into the future?

We continue to scale quickly as we capitalise on the 4 years of technology we have built. Since launching our platform in September 2019 we have been delighted by the engagement we have seen between what is effectively the three sides of the market – direct investors, advisory firms and fund managers.

What is CoInvestor‘s USP?

Specialising in the tax efficient sector, we are first to market with a digital investment platform that connects all sides of the market.

With our technology, we are aiming to not only digitise all pockets of the tax efficient industry but connect them together. From the initial investor or adviser making an investment, right through to the processing of that investment by the fund manager and associated custodian. Our technology eliminates the challenges the industry previously faced, which in turn will hopefully encourage more investment in the many innovative and unique early-stage businesses the UK has to offer.


Has CoInvestor changed in any way during the year?

We continue to evolve. We are expanding and are always looking for smart, driven individuals to join our team. We have a number of launches over the next 18 months to ensure that CoInvestor is the platform for alternative investing. We started with tax efficient products, but by working closely with all sides of the market we will continue to add professionally managed investment opportunities and new platform features based on what our users value most.

The UK appears to have a strong start-up/entrepreneurial culture – what do you put that down to?

I think we are, at heart, a nation of creative problem solvers. Add this to a strong technology sector this creates a low barrier to entry to turn ideas into businesses. The capital flow that is provided by fund managers under the Government’s tax efficient investment schemes provides the opportunity to evolve from an idea to a series A investment. This support to fledgling businesses is both critical and a strong driver to enable entrepreneurs to turn the dreams into a reality. Ultimately all good companies start by solving a problem. I know we did.

What are your views on the Government’s recent changes to EIS?

The structure was put in place to provide a vehicle to support entrepreneurs and provide much needed funding to companies that need it. Somewhere along the way this got lost and I think the Government has simply provided the navigation to put the vehicle back on the right track. This should also then provide some continued longevity to the scheme and I am fully supportive of anything that ensures this valuable contribution to business continues.


“My first investment was when I was around 13 or 14; I worked in a tropical fish shop as a Saturday job; I used to purchase the fish that were clearly in mating pairs from the shop, provide some midwifery services to them at home and then sell the fry back to the shop once they were large enough.”

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