easyMoney increases target return rates for property investors 

by | Jan 11, 2023

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Research by peer to peer real estate investment platform, easyMoney, suggests that UK savers and investors could be missing out on thousands of pounds in interest payments on their savings pots, as high street banks and savings institutions fail to pass on a string of recent interest rate increases to their savers.

The Bank of England recently increased its base rate to 3.5%, the culmination of nine such hikes within the last year and the highest level seen since October 2008.

Since money costs have risen much has been reported with regard to the resulting higher cost to borrowers – but much less reported on rising rates being passed on to savers and investors.

In fact, many banks and savings institutions have not improved their savings rates in line with interest rates, with the average instant-access savings rate currently standing at just 1.53%, less than half the current Bank of England base rate. 


At the same time, an analysis conducted by easyMoney of the 100 best easy access cash ISAs currently available to the nation’s savers and investors found that the average rate available sits at just 1.8%. 

With the average UK household sitting on a savings pot of £76,301, those utilising a conventional savings account are set to see a return of just £1,167 per annum. 

Those opting for an easy access cash ISA at the average return of 1.8% would see a stronger return, but at £1,373, they are still being considerably short changed when considering the current base rate of 3.5%. 


In a break from the pack, easyMoney, the peer to peer platform specialising in secured real estate investment lending, has increased its target return rates for investors.

easyMoney has added 0.5% to its target rates across both its regular and IFISA accounts, with the new rates as follows:

Investment Amount – £100.00+ Old Rate per annum: 4.03% New Rate per annum: 4.53%


Investment Amount – £20,000.00+ Old Rate per annum: 5.02% New Rate per annum: 5.52% 

Investment Amount – £100,000.00+ Old Rate per annum: 6.01% New Rate per annum: 6.51%

easyMoney’s target investment return rate via their IFISA would see the savings pot of £76,301 held by the average UK household return £4,212 annually at their new target rate of 5.52% – over £3,000 more per year than currently available via a conventional savings account, and £2,800 more per year than the average rate offered via an easy access cash ISA.


Investors’ funds also become part of a £150 million portfolio of loan support provided to vetted, experienced property developers on a short to medium term basis. Investments are secured by way of a charge on the property assets being developed. Valuations are assessed by RICS valuers at comfortable loan-to-value- ratios. 

To date, no investor has ever made a loss investing in easyMoney products. Past performance does not guarantee future results. 

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose money. This is a high-risk investment. You may not be able to access your money easily and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.


Jason Ferrando, CEO of easyMoney says: “With the cost of living crisis continuing to stretch our household finances to breaking point, many will be looking at how they can make their savings pot work best for them, while also maintaining a degree of flexibility and accessibility that will allow them to cover any unforeseen expenses.

“While both a conventional savings account or an easy access cash ISA tick these boxes, it’s galling to see that so many providers are not up to the job in providing honest returns. 

“Borrowers are being squeezed by higher high street loan rates yet the same institutions have failed to pass on the relative counter-benefit to their savers and investors.


“The public will be forgiven for thinking that they are being fleeced as banks and building societies simply hoard more investors’ cash in their vaults rather than giving their customers a fair deal.

“easyMoney, by contrast, is today announcing a 0.5% hike in our investor target returns to reflect the current interest rate environment. Fair’s fair.”

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