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Enhanced Company Profile | Iron Box Capital

by | Mar 6, 2020

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Company Overview:

A portfolio of Inheritance Tax Services Iron Box Capital is a specialist film and TV financing company. Established in 2015, Iron Box is run by actual film makers. We understand every aspect of the whole process and value chain of making films, including the financing, development, production, distribution and marketing of films. The experience of the whole team and advisory board is second to none.

Key Personnel Or Fund Manager

Raimund Berens, Chief Executive Officer

Raimund Berens is CEO and founder of Iron Box Capital. With 13+ years experience in the film industry, Raimund specialises in the financing and legal structuring of feature films (both nationally and internationally). During his career he has gained strong experience across a variety of activities across the film value chain including development, packaging, production management, lighting, camera, and postproduction such as sound, editing & music.



Colin Brown , Chairman

Colin Brown is a senior international media professional with experience and contacts developed over 30 years in the TV, film and media sectors. He has worked at CEO and Chairman-level and held Board positions at the UK Film Council and National Film and Television School. He also is a voting member of BAFTA and served as British Film Commissioner from 2007-2011.



Deborah Sheppard, Marketing Advisor

Deborah Sheppard has over 20+ years experience as a marketing and distribution professional across independent and studio films. During her tenure at Paramount and before that UIP (United International Pictures) she marketed over 420 movies for Universal, MGM, Paramount, Marvel and Dreamworks, among others, covering every genre, from action and horror to family animation.

Unique Selling Points:

We are film makers. People that understand the whole process.

With Colin Brown as Chairman, our network of contacts across the global film industry are second to none.


We have created a range of different ways for people to invest. Whether via Amersham’s SEIS / EIS Growth Fund, alternative SEIS / EIS investee companies or individual project companies.

We want our investors and their advisers to enjoy the whole film experience and have fun. This can include watching the filming and meeting the ‘stars’, going to film premieres, or even having a role as an extra!

Investment Strategy

The entire focus is on creating audience driven films. It is this that drives the commercial success of films. That is why we focus on genres of film that have a strong track record in delivering profits, and also in working with teams that have a global reputation for excellence. It is worth making the point that smaller budget films can often make greater profits than major films, because they are more targeted for specific audiences.


In today’s world we also target the inline market for films, across Netflix, Amazon Prime, In flight films, video on demand and so on. As more opportunities to view grows, so does the demand for films.

Key Services And Funds

There are several options for investors.

We are part of Amersham’s general SEIS & EIS fund called The Amersham Growth Fund, where clients can invest generally across a variety of industries or specifically in the respective Iron Box Film & TV channel. Where clients invest via the channel the investment will be allocated across several Film & TV invest companies, which in turn will spread across the portfolio of films. Investments are SEIS and EIS qualifying.


We have also set up investee companies to look after every stage of the production process to ensure quality and delivery. This allows us to offer a superior product.

Since 2019 we have been working closely with investors, filmmakers and production companies and are launching individual project opportunities (non-tax advantaged) into the market.


Phone: + 44 (0) 207 628 7857 / + 44 (0) 752 861 6752


For more information on Iron Box Capital click here 

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