NN Investment Extends Multi-Asset Range

by | Apr 6, 2016

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NN Investment Partners has launched its absolute return multi-asset fund.

Called the NN (L) Multi-Asset Factor Opportunities Fund, it extends its multi-asset range. The fund will allocate to multiple factors across different asset classes. It targets a return of one-month US Libor +6% over a rolling 12-month period with an annualized volatility target of between 8-12% by allocating to multiple factors across different asset classes. NN says that fund offers diversification to traditional asset classes with the benefits of transparency, daily liquidity, competitive fees and is UCITS compliant.

With the fund, NN’s strategy is to allocate to factors such as value, carry, momentum, flow and volatility across asset classes. It does not have long or short biases. NN says that, in their experience, this mix adds to the potential of realizing returns.


Head of Multi-Asset Systematic Strategies at NN Investment Partners Willem van Dommelen said: “This environment requires constant development and elaboration of new solutions which are flexible, adaptive and exploit global investment opportunities across multiple asset classes while limiting downside risk. This fund is yet another addition to our wide diversified range of multi-asset solutions that have various return/risk objectives and profiles. The combination of an experienced team bringing together our systematic investment skills with behavioural and market insights allows us to reach investors’ various objectives.

“Factor Investing has become broadly accepted by the investment community. So far it has mostly been applied to tilt long only portfolios. We believe that the added value of Factor Investing will be better utilized by applying it broad and pure. That’s why we apply it across multiple asset classes, invest in a broad set of factors and avoid long & short biases. With that we aim for a positive return in all market circumstances.”

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