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Oxford Technology start-up takes the fight to Covid-19

by | Apr 2, 2020

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One of Oxford Technology’s start-up investee companies, Polycat, has produced a cotton glove, integrated with colloidal silver nanoparticles which are highly bactericidal


The hope is that these rewearable, washable gloves will prove highly anti-viral as well, and although the testing to verify this is under way, it won’t be complete until the end of April.

One of the founders of Polycat has been specialising in metal nanoparticles for years and previously worked for Johnson Matthey developing the catalytic exhaust systems used on cars.


The thinking behind the gloves is that when you travel, or even just go shopping, you necessarily touch all sorts of surfaces which have been touched by others, from the trolley to the payment machine, to the PIN keypad or even just opening a door.  Wearing Polycat gloves will certainly do no harm and would very likely protect the wearer from infection.  They would be a sensible purchase for an older person who is currently able to leave the house.

Sales of the gloves have already started and are growing.

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