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Praetura tackles VCT imbalance by focusing on scale-up businesses in the north

by | May 22, 2024

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Praetura has provided market-leading investments for advisers and investors since its foundation in 2011.

The Praetura team are experts throughout the industry and are devoted to finding the best opportunities in EIS, VCT and BR qualifying companies.

Last month, they launched and successfully made their first allotment of shares in the Praetura Growth VCT plc. This venture is focused on backing the most exciting scale-up businesses in the North of England.


Praetura research revealed a £9bn funding gap for Northern small businesses seeking capital for growth, so focusing on the north allows Praetura to tackle the structural imbalance in the UK venture capital market. To support this intentional emphasis, the company have four offices in the north of England, while roughly two-thirds of its investment portfolio is based in the same area.

Since its inception, Praetura has transacted almost £1 billion, with £4.2 billion in combined total assets funded through Praetura in the UK. They invest £1.9 million on average per company and review £2.5 billion worth of opportunities on an annual basis. More than 6,000 businesses have received funding support from Praetura so far.

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