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by | Mar 28, 2023

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When you think of private medical imaging, you will probably assume it’s going to be hard to access, expensive and even harder to understand the results. is changing that for patients.

According to NHS data (2022), almost a quarter of patients wait more than six weeks for a diagnostic imaging test, which can lead to misdiagnosis and further health issues. While UK patients may turn to private healthcare, insurers typically overcharge by 30-50% for a private scan. In 2021, the medical imaging market in the UK was valued at $13.25 billion, with a value of $117.6 billion in the US. This value is what has driven to expand their operations in the UK while beginning to operate in the US. provides a marketplace for patients to find a local scanning centre, book online and be seen in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise. offer multiple ways to access their service, whether you are a patient booking for yourself, or a clinician booking on behalf of a patient through the API (Application Program Interface). They also have a number of B2B partnerships such as RehabGuru and AXA Health, allowing patients to access’s simple booking process and experienced clinicians through various providers. Since the launch of in 2017, the team have accumulated over 100 provider centres throughout the UK.


Having seen significant uptake within the UK, have also set their sights on the US market and have signed contracts with operators in strategic locations. are on a mission to become the ‘Expedia for medical scans.’ Co-Founders Charlie Bullock and Ollie Knight are both motivated and dynamic founders, who recognise the importance of building a talented team with experience in rapid expansion or the MedTech field – who are clearly destined for success.

Charlie Bullock recently sat down with David Mott, Founder Partner of Oxford Capital as part of the ‘Backing Founders’ series of interviews. Charlie discussed their planned expansion into the US, how they aim to make sure they don’t neglect the UK business in the process and the key partnerships that allow them to do so.


David Mott, Founder Partner, Oxford Capital commented: “By investing in we are backing two strong founders in their mission to revolutionise the way people access medical imaging. They allow greater peace of mind with affordable and accessible imaging centres, have built a fantastic team around them and are on a strong growth journey.”

It is clear that the team at are addressing a real pain point within medical imaging in both the UK and the US. Their service is designed to be accessible, with a clinician’s appointment included in the price, to aid patient understanding of the results of their imaging and anything that may arise from that. The ability to provide peace of mind to patients is at the core of everything does, and this is sure to continue as the company rapidly expands.

For more information on the Oxford Capital Growth EIS, click here.

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