The Royal Mint reports gold and silver surge from international investors in Q4 2021

by | Feb 10, 2022

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  • International customers flocked to The Royal Mint in Q4 2021 as investors sought out gold and silver to help offset continuing market uncertainty
  • Sales to non-UK B2B customers increased by 92% in Q4 of 2021 versus Q4 2020
  • The USA was the fastest growing market for The Royal Mint, with the 1oz Gold Britannia proving the most popular product for American investors
  • Sales of precious metals in the UK remained strong, with Lakshmi gold bars and digital investing options attracting new audiences to The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint saw significant demand for gold and silver from international markets in Q4 of 2021, achieving record sales in America as investors flocked for Britannia bars and coins.

They British manufacturer, with a 1,100 year history of working with precious metals, observed a14.4% increase of sales from international markets (excluding the UK) compared to the same period the year before.

The Royal Mint has been growing its footprint internationally over the last two years, and the USA has seen the biggest growth in terms of gold – with sales of gold increasing by 96% in the final quarter of 2021 (versus Q4 2020). Silver has also seen a buying frenzy in markets such as mainland Europe where silver has increased 342% vs last year following Brexit and the continued pandemic uncertainty. In the UK it is the primary producer of gold and silver bars and coins, with gold sales experiencing an 84% increase YoY.

Nick Bowkett, Head of Bullion Sales at The Royal Mint, said: “We are famous in the UK for making coins and bars from precious metals, and over recent years we have focused on appealing to international markets too. The Royal Mint represents trust, security, and quality, which has seen investors in markets such as the US and Germany look to add our bullion products to their portfolio as a safe haven asset.


Globally precious metals continue to experience a buying frenzy with retail buying increasing to record levels in markets such as Europe and the US showing that the retail investor is concerned over the progress of the global economic recovery as the pandemic continues.

In the last quarter of 2021, we saw significant demand from international markets as investors looked to offset inflations risks by adding precious metals to their portfolio. Our increased global sales and marketing activity meant we were able to capitalise on this and saw sales increase by 92% between September and December year on year.”

As part of its commitment to sustainability, last year The Royal Mint signed an agreement with Canadian clean tech start up Excir to introduce a world first technology to the UK, to safely retrieve and recycle gold and other precious metals from electronic waste. Initial use of the technology at The Royal Mint has already produced gold with a purity of 999.9, and when fully scaled up, the process has potential to also recover palladium, silver and copper. The Royal Mint and Excir technology has the potential to ensure electronic waste is handled in a controlled and regulated manner – preserving natural resources for longer, helping to reduce the environmental impact of e-waste and fostering new skills and employment in the UK.


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