NextGen Planners’ Podcast – Anthony Villis on building a large lifestyle planning practice

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In the June edition of IFA Magazine, we talked to Anthony Villis, founder and managing partner at London-based First Wealth, in our ADVISER SPOTLIGHT feature. For a reminder, read it here.

  • Anthony’s background and how he came to be Managing Partner of First Wealth
  • What kind of clients do First Wealth serve?
  • Why was the firm setup as a LLP structure?
  • Anthony tells us about his “start with why day”
  • How they had a lightbulb moment with financial planning
  • What is Anthony’s view of digital advice and how does it fit alongside their core offering
  • What has been his experience of being in a network?
  • What is Anthony’s advice to next generation planners?
  • Any learning resources he recommends

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