How to build a digital adviser Part 5: video

Stand by, and.. Action! Words to inspire fear into the most consummate performer.

But video marketing can really give you the edge if you’re a financial adviser or planner.

From ‘flagship’ videos to client testimonial videos to explainer animations, video can be used both as a valuable communications tool with existing clients, as well as an effective part of your lead generation strategy.

That’s because watching a video is a much easier way for people to take in complex information – you can convey a lot more in a one-minute video than in one-minute’s worth of text for example.

They also enable you to make an authentic connection – and appear in a lot more places at once. Forget turning up at breakfast meetings and seminars in front of a handful of people; video allows you to teleport yourself anywhere and everywhere.

But they don’t all have to be Bafta-winning quality. When you think of video more as an extension of Zoom – a world we’re all performing in at the moment – then video should seem a lot less daunting.

And there’s much more you can do than Zoom. So let’s investigate.


Loom is a great screen recording tool that provides an effective way to communicate with clients. It’s free use and enables you to walk through portal demos or to demonstrate simple tasks such as which paperwork they need to sign.

It’s extremely personal because it gives you the option to include yourself as you’re recording. It also notifies you when your client has viewed it (and if they’ve viewed it more than once).

It can be used to communicate with your team too.


Done right, webinars are an incredible way to generate leads and connect with your audience. They’re a great substitute for seminars – and don’t require tea, coffee and curly sandwiches – and they’re relatively inexpensive to create.

Think of the cost of hiring a room in a local hotel and all the admin that would go with arranging that. Whereas you can get hundreds of people to listen to you for an hour with a lot less faff and outlay.

(I recently got 180 people to a webinar I did recently without spending a penny on advertising. Find out more here.)

Preparation is the key – choose your topic (for example, using one questions you most frequently get asked) write your script in advance and prepare some eye-catching slides.

But make sure you include a view of yourself alongside the slides as this will add that all-important human element – a platform such as BigMarker enables you to create a professional webinar experience.

Live webinars are more compelling than pre-recorded ones and enable you to take questions at the end, so be brave!

Invite people at least 5 days in advance and remember to add them to your email newsletter list afterwards so you can continue to be front of mind.

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