The first Money pages of 2020!

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The Sunday Times is quite annoyed that ads for high-risk mini-bonds are still appearing on Google despite an FCA ban; apparently sites offering near impossible returns continue to be the most sought after online.

They also report that innocent victims of fraud who have lost money because their bank let them down could also lose the right to get their money back, as payment providers squabble over how to fund the losses. About £400m a year is lost to “push payment” fraud, where bank customers are tricked into authorising a payment to an account controlled by a criminal.

But as a New Year’s gesture, James Coney offers six resolutions to help the confused investor.

The Sunday Telegraph warns consumers that they could be left in peril as financial advice scammers exploit what they term as a ‘new fraud open goal’.

Reassuringly, they offer suggestions about how to invest in oil after the US airstrikes (and, let’s be candid, assassination) on Iran have pushed up the price.

They also put up their pick of the 10 best ETFs for passive investors looking for low-cost funds.

Maybe the Mail on Sunday’s New Year resolution was to leave Neil Woodford alone.

Because today, they’re on about why breaking up can be hard to do, with a warning for investors as FTSE giants plan to split.

They’re concerned that oil prices ‘could more than double to $150’ if war breaks out between the US and Iran, but advise the PM that he needs to cut taxes if he wants to create a Northern powerhouse.

And they offer advice about how to transfer an ISA and get a better rate, showing seven easy steps to make the most of cash savings.

If you did the decent thing and spent the last week or so with your family, you may have missed last week’s roundup, so here it is just in case your clients were…well, you know, clients.

All the best for 2020!

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