FE fundinfo publishes its 2022 mid-year Crown Ratings

by | Jul 28, 2022

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Recent market turbulence has meant some significant shifts in fortune for many funds in the latest FE fundinfo Crown rating rebalance with a high number of rising and falling funds.

In January’s rebalance 35 funds changed their rating by 3 or 4 Crowns compared to 260 at the July rebalance. The risers and fallers are in a multitude of sectors and across fund groups showing that even the most experienced fund managers have struggled to maintain consistency across recent market movements.

With returns increasingly hard to come by in light of rising interest rates and soaring inflation, the funds with the most improved Crown ratings in July’s rebalance came from sectors which managed to insulate against these pressures. Funds from the IA Specialist Bond Sector and the IA Flexible Investment Sector jumped 4 ratings from a 1-Crown rating to a 5-Crown rating.

These funds included: EF 8AM Tactical Growth Portfolio (8AM), Allspring (Lux) Worldwide – US Short Term High Yield Bond (Allspring Global Investments), AXA Global Short Duration Bonds (AXA). Carmignac Portfolio Securites (Carmignac Gestion), GAM Multibond – ABS, GAM Star Cat Bond, GAM Star MBS Total Return (GAM), Ninety One Global Macro Allocation (Ninety One), LF Odey Opus (Odey Asset Management), Pictet Short Term Emerging Corporate Bonds (Pictet), LF Ruffer Equity & General (Ruffer LLP) and WS Charteris Strategic Bond (Waystone Management)


The latest rebalance, published today by FE fundinfo, also saw funds from the IA Volatility Managed, IA Mixed Investment and IA Flexible Investment sectors gaining the highest 5-Crown rating for the first time, demonstrating the market turbulence faced by investors at present.

These funds were: ASI MyFolio Index V (abrdn); BlueBay Emerging Market Unconstrained Bond (BlueBay); FP Carmignac Emerging Markets & FP Carmignac European Leaders (Carmignac); FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure (Fund Partners); GQG Global Equity (GQG); LF Gresham House UK Smaller Companies (Gresham House); IFSL Signia Sovereign (IFSL); Janus Henderson Institutional Global Buy & Maintain (Janus Henderson); L&G Future World Multi-Index 5 (Legal & General); LF ACCESS Global Dividend, LF ACCESS Global Stock & LF Waverton Charity Growth & Income (Link); Man GLG High Yield Opportunities (Man GLG); Premier Miton Diversified Balanced Growth, Premier Miton Diversified Cautious Growth & Premier Miton Diversified Dynamic Growth (Premier Miton); Trojan Ethical (Trojan) and Wellington Global Stewards (Wellington).

Charles Younes, Research Manager at FE Investments, commented: “At the last rebalance at the beginning of the year we saw just seven funds gaining a 5-Crown rating for the first time. With more new funds and diverse strategies gaining the highest rating this time around, we can see how volatile the markets have been as investors increasingly chase returns in order to navigate the twin challenges of inflation and interest rates. Across the 19 who have gained the accolade for the first time, we can see bond funds, growth funds and ethical funds included, as well as funds focused on smaller companies and global equities which shows once again the importance of having a diversified strategy.”


5-Crown rated funds

Overall, 213 funds gained the 5-Crown rating during this latest rebalance, bringing the total number to 349. To qualify for the highest rating, funds must be in the top 10% of ‘Crown Scores’, which are

calculated in three parts, each referenced to a benchmark. Funds must also have a three-year history to qualify.


As markets continue to shift, a number of funds also lost their 5-Crown rating, affected by poor performance and wider market shifts. Overall, 44 funds fell from a 5 to a 1-Crown rating, with funds from the IA UK All Companies and IA Global Bonds particularly affected.

Sectors and groups

In sector terms, the winners were once again the IA Flexible Investment sector with 23 out of 128 and the IA Sterling Strategic Bond with 19 of 79 funds with a 5-Crown rating. With equity-based funds continuing to face difficulties and investor withdrawals, other sectors such as the IA Infrastructure (8 out of 20) and the IA China/Greater China (9 out of 41) benefitted.


There were big changes among the groups as well, with many of the best performing fund houses and asset managers in January’s rebalance dropping out of the eight. Only GAM, Fidelity and Liontrust maintained their position among the top performers. Premier Miton leads the way in this latest rebalance with 12 of its 36 funds gaining a 5-Crown rating. They are followed by Fidelity and GAM with 10 and 8 of their funds gaining a 5-Crown rating respectively.

Charles Younes added: “What we are seeing in this latest rebalance is that Fund Managers that have the freedom to adapt their strategies in challenging markets are continuing to thrive and capture the benefits of active management. Where groups potentially have a house view that is driving manager stock selection, Fund Managers have struggled to maintain consistent performance.”



FE fundinfo Crown ratings are calculated by building up a ‘Crown Score’. The score is made up of three parts, and each part is calculated by reference to a benchmark for the fund. Once the benchmark is assigned, FE fundinfo then applies three tests (an alpha based test, a volatility score and a consistency score) to the total return history of the fund. Three years of history is required to carry out these scores, so any fund with less history than this will not qualify for a rating.

Funds are assigned ratings based on their total scores, according to the following distribution:

· the top 10% – 5 FE fundinfo Crowns


· the next 15% – 4 FE fundinfo Crowns

· the next 25% – 3 FE fundinfo Crowns

· the next 25% – 2 FE fundinfo Crowns

· the bottom 25% – 1 FE fundinfo Crown

Charles Younes added: “Crown ratings offer investors an opportunity to compare and contrast the performance of a fund over an extended period of time and throughout different market conditions. As the last three years has shown significant and quick market rotation, the Crown ratings are more important than ever to give a solid quantitative assessment of a fund’s performance over a market cycle.”

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