Is your EIS portfolio company correctly valued?

by | Mar 2, 2021

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In the fourth instalment of our EIS insights series, EIS expert, James D’Mello, explains how company valuations can impact your client’s expectations.

With over a decade of experience, James has overseen some 5000 odd EIS transactions, giving him a very unique, behind the scenes insight into the EIS industry.

In this episode James discusses the two ways EIS fund managers can value their EIS portfolio companies. James highlights how internal valuations can be less accurate than external valuations. It is crucial advisers are aware of a portfolios valuation process, as it can help manage clients expectations.


Alex Sullivan, the Managing Partner of Clifton Media Labs, spoke to James D’Mello, the Head of Business Development for the Side by Side Partnership, to help Advisers understand the nitty gritty of the EIS tax scheme.

James has over a decades’ financial services experience from a range of specialisms including banking, pensions & investments. Over the last few years, he gained in-depth industry experience working at one of the major platforms in the tax-efficient space.

Today, James is Head of Business Development at The SidebySide Partnership, where he joins a management team responsible for over $1.5bn in exits to date. SidebySide specialises in investments into later-stage EIS businesses already producing over £1m of revenue, Helping to mitigate the start-up risk prevalent in a lot of EIS investments.


This is part four of this series, check out part one, part two, and part three to get caught up.

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