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MetLife launches UK specific branding to boost appeal of protection products and service

by | Aug 14, 2023

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The UK arm of MetLife, one of the world’s leading insurance providers today launches its new UK branding. 

“For Every Moment, there’s MetLife” was created to localise the global MetLife brand and ensure its relevance to the approximately 2 million people MetLife protect in the UK. 

MetLife’s customer focus, knowledge and understanding ensure that they are able to better comprehend their customers’ needs and make certain they communicate in way that’s perfectly suited to the UK. Localising the global brand ensures that it will better resonate with customers and Advisers, whilst remaining aligned to their global purpose.  

After conducting research with advisers, customers and colleagues on what MetLife means to them, what the UK customer base needs and wants from their protection partner, and how they feel about the support that MetLife provides, the new positioning was developed. 


The results highlighted the value of MetLife’s proactivity and attentiveness, as well as the confidence people feel from having the products. 

“At MetLife, we understand the importance of all life’s moments. The good and the bad. The everyday and the extraordinary. That’s why we design products and policies that aren’t just there for tomorrow, but for today too. Combined with our exceptional service, products and policies that empower our customers, ensure that MetLife will be a reassuring part of our customers’ lives today and into the future” said Dominic  Grinstead, Managing Director at MetLife UK.

Dominic continued:  “Our UK ambitions, and desire to connect and commit to our customers in the way that works best for them, necessitated a fresh look at our brand identity. Too many brands focus on the ‘what’. We wanted to humanise the brand and really showcase why we do what we do.


“We are proud of the work we do protecting people around the UK for the moment they need help, and we wanted to better articulate that sense of purpose, both internally and externally. We design protection products and service that empower people to live in the present, providing support for clients when they need it, and confidence for customers all day, every day. For every moment, there’s MetLife is a powerful summation of this.”

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